How to fit a pouch with Malice Clips

By Matt Hobbs, 06 October 2015

Using a flat head screwdriver or something similar (be aware that sharp knives will damage the Malice clip) lift the tab and release the strap. Malice clips work on the same principle as stirrup or weave straps and are interwoven between the pouch and the MOLLE platform. Dont be afr...

How to fit a Hunters Belt (base combo)

By Matt Hobbs, 05 October 2015

Lay your Hunters Belt and pouch in front of you and finalize your location of each pouch Start by weaving the stirrup straps from the pouch onto the Hunters Belt Weave the strap through the belt first and then back onto the pouch. Sometime pliers can help with the process if the webbing ...

Shoulder Pad Sleeve Savers

By Matt Hobbs, 08 May 2015

For anyone carrying a pack with some real weight including the NZDF Terminator pack. Are you losing feeling in your arms and shoulders or sustaining nerve damage whilst carrying your pack? We have a user friendly fix for your shoulder straps with an additional universal shoulder pad sleeve which wil...

Blue Force Gear is coming to our store

By Matt Hobbs, 04 February 2015

We are excited to announce we will be stocking Blue Force Gear products in our store. Like the UFPro gear, numbers will be fairly limited to begin with and grow with demand. We will be uploading all the products we intend to stock onto the store shortly. If you are keen on anything now please do...



Clearance sale on selective items - 30% off

By Matt, 17 May 2016


The LFP in PenCott GreenZone

By Matt, 24 October 2015