How to fit a pouch with Malice Clips

By Matt Hobbs, 06 October 2015


Using a flat head screwdriver or something similar (be aware that sharp knives will damage the Malice clip) lift the tab and release the strap.
malice-clips-image-3 malice-clips-image-4

Malice clips work on the same principle as stirrup or weave straps and are interwoven between the pouch and the MOLLE platform.

Dont be afraid about snapping the Malice Clips whilst weaving as they wont, they are tough as s***malice-clips-image-6 malice-clips-image-7

Once you come to the end of weaving the Malice clip through the webbing platform and pouch ensure that the end of the Malice Clip goes firmly through the locking tab. Pushing the Malice clip down from the top of the pouch can often help in this process if you find you cant pull it through low enough.

malice-clips-image-8Once correctly fitted you shouldn’t be able to pull the strap out of the locking tab. If for some reason you find the strap was never locked into place the Malice Clip will not un-thread from the pouch and webbing platform, the locking tab is a extra form of security.


We currently use Malice Clips on the Hunters Water bottle pouch, Multi-Tool pouch and small utility pouch.