How to fit a Hunters Belt (base combo)

By Matt Hobbs, 05 October 2015


Lay your Hunters Belt and pouch in front of you and finalize your location of each pouch

Start by weaving the stirrup straps from the pouch onto the Hunters Beltthreading-stirrup-straps-image-1

Weave the strap through the belt first and then back onto the pouch. Sometime pliers can help with the process if the webbing is a tight fit.
threading-stirrup-straps-image-2Then feed the stirrup strap back through the belt until you get to the last row on the belt


Side profile shot of the stirrup strap corrected weaves between the pouch and the beltthreading-stirrup-straps-image-3

Ensure the tabs at the end of the stirrup straps have been threaded through the last row on the pouch.

Continue to mount the other pouches in the location you want them.mounting-HD-belt-image-1

Line up which side of the belt you want to fit your trusty knife sheath too and un-thread the male half of the buckle. mounting-HD-belt-image-2


Feed the webbing belt through the Hunters Belt mounting-HD-belt-image-4

Pull the webbing belt through the space on the Hunters belt where you want to secure your knife sheathmounting-HD-belt-image-7

Feed the webbing belt through your knife sheath and back through the Hunters Beltmounting-HD-belt-image-8

Then feed the male half of the buckle back onto the webbing belt and adjust to fit your waistmounting-HD-belt-image-9And just like that, the belt is complete and ready to go.