Pareon Chemicals

The Art of Synthesis

Who we are

Pareon Chemicals is a new chemical research services company based in Sussex, UK. Our aim is to enable research globally through the provision of world class synthetic expertise to pharmaceutical, medical, agrochemical, and high performance materials organizations. Currently we are able to support research in these sectors through the provision of bespoke contract research programmes, custom synthesis, and consultancy. A unique library of research chemicals and life science regents will be available from Pareon in 2017 complete with comprehensive technical support.

Founding Directors


Pareon Chemicals is the brainchild of the internationally renowned organic chemistry Professor Philip Parsons FRSC, a founding director of Tocris Biosciences. Prof. Parsons is interested in clean and effective methods for the synthesis of a large range of molecules and in particular those of biological significance. His academic work involves the construction of new anti-cancer agents, antibiotics, and memory enhancers with interest in chemical solutions to global healthcare problems. New methods for the construction of heterocyclic scaffolds are a major area of research for the Prof. Parsons research group at Imperial College London. Professor Parsons also has an industrial background and has been very keen to develop links between academia and industry. He has worked as a consultant for the chemical industry for over 35 years.

Prof. Philip ParsonsCSO, BSc, Msci, PhD, FRSC


David Bennett has extensive experience in developing commercial strategy having previously been a partner in the strategy practice at Accenture. After spending time as a senior consultant and partner at Coopers, he set up an independent consultancy group, Davox Consulting. David also brings significant experience of working in healthcare; he ran the healthcare business within DHL and has many years experience of working with the NHS.