Work John Lewis

Britain is a cultural powerhouse in the world – home to some of the world’s greatest creative talents. It is this tradition that John Lewis came to us wanting to preserve.

It wanted a programme that would reflect its role as a champion of innovation and craftsmanship by inspiring children from the youngest possible age to develop practical skills and become creative thinkers.

Bringing Skills to Life introduces children aged 3-11 to idea generation and problem solving through; an annual Innovation Challenge and engaging curriculum linked resources, Partner-led workshops and activity cards for teachers and parents. We also run a popular annual prize draw supporting John Lewis’s highly anticipated Christmas advert campaigns, entered by thousands each year.

John Lewis’s mission to equip and inspire children with the mindsets, skills and practices for creative thought and action has quickly drawn a following.

Partner engagement with schools has risen by over 240% since the introduction of the Bringing Skills to Life programme. Whilst over 5,000 parents and teachers have downloaded over 50,000 interactive Bringing Skills to Life resources helping turn the creative minds of today into the world-renowned makers and innovators of tomorrow.