We’ve got an exciting opportunity coming up for an intern to join us here at Hopscotch! As someone who started as a Hopscotch intern myself, here is a bit of an insight into what it’s like to be a part of the team. From my first day, I was given a whole range of different roles, and opportunities to get involved in a variety of projects – from copywriting and conducting market research, through to joining conference calls with clients and liaising with designers. It was clear from the get-go that I’d be seriously getting involved in the workings of the company and learning some valuable new skills. The team made me feel so welcome and did a lot to support my personal development, encouraging me to identify strengths I could leverage and providing advice and training for the areas that I wanted to build on. For example, I have always had a passion for creative writing, so they got me drafting copy to go into education resources and blogs; on the other hand, the ins and outs of project management were quite new to me, so I was booked onto a course to build my competence in this area. It certainly wasn’t anything like the stereotyped tea-making and photocopying situation that many interns fear they’ll be walking into!  After my internship ended I chose to take a short break from the career ladder to go travelling, but when I got back I was lucky enough to be offered the position of a fully-fledged Account Executive, and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve now been at Hopscotch for over a year and could not recommend it more as a place to start an exciting new leg of the post-grad career journey.  Interested in applying? Click here  to view the job description and find out more about the role. To apply, email your CV and covering letter to katie@hopscotchconsulting.co.uk