Gang Involvement and Youth Violence


Gang involvement and youth violence can have devastating consequences for young people and their families. Once young people become involved in gangs or other violent lifestyles, it is often very difficult for them to disentangle themselves and find alternative paths.

Early intervention to identify children and young people who may be vulnerable to gang involvement and provide effective support is as important as enforcement action.

The Early Intervention Foundation has been working on a Home Office commissioned project to review the evidence on early intervention to prevent gang and youth violence in order support the Government’s Ending Gang and Youth Violence areas and to develop more effective early intervention approaches. This work aims to help Ending Gang and Youth Violence areas make more informed decisions about (i) how best to identify those children and young people who may be at risk of involvement in gangs or youth violence, and (ii) what types of programmes or interventions appear to work or not to work in preventing involvement in gangs and youth violence.

“…gang and youth violence is not a problem that can be solved by enforcement alone. We need to change the life stories of young people who end up dead or wounded on our streets…”

Ending Gang and Youth Violence Report, HM Government: 2011

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