Coalition for Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Foundation is proud that some of the most successful and impactful charities and bodies in the country are members of our Coalition coming together to sharing learning and advocate for early intervention.

The Coalition for Early Intervention is an alliance of organisations whose aim is to secure commitment from politicians, policy makers, commissioners and practitioners to earlier intervention which will ultimately ensure better outcomes for children and young people.

The Coalition for Early Intervention exists to:

  • encourage, promote and enable the exchange of information on early intervention
  • provide a practitioner perspective on implementing early intervention
  • share major developments of mutual interest and in particular on changes to existing policies or the introduction of new policies in relation to early intervention
  • act as a sounding board for new ideas and developments in early intervention
  • work closely with the ‘Stitch in Time’ campaign to promote early intervention

Time to Act

The Coalition is working together to ensure that early intervention continues to be a political priority and that policy makers focus on the benefits to families and children of intervening earlier to prevent a range of social problems.

Read more about the Early Intervention Foundation’s call to Government here.

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