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How best to make early intervention a reality on the ground and improve the life chances of children and families is a broad question and goes beyond simply – ‘what to deliver’. EIF is helping local partnerships understand what this means for how sectors work together to deliver services in a more joined up, cost effective way that makes sense for families. How to target services effectively and connect with the right families at the right time to make a positive difference. Working closely with children, young people and their parents to understand their needs and what to monitor and measure to know if systems, programmes and practices are having an impact.

We support sector leaders, commissioners and local partnerships to work together to plan, deliver and evaluate more effectively and put the needs of children and families at the heart of service delivery and practice. Through this work the EIF is developing practical guidance and resources that support the 3 different phases of strategic planning:


Our implementation resources and Programme Library provide a growing online resource including publications, guidance, practical tools and training events grounded in local practice.

In addition we can provide bespoke support packages that aim to build improved knowledge and understanding of the evidence of ‘what works’, develop policy and strategic thinking and build organisational confidence through training and development opportunities.

Specific areas we provide advice and training include:

  • system change and strategy
  • relationships and early years
  • social and emotional learning 5-19
  • protecting vulnerable people
  • investing in early intervention

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