Early Intervention Champions

Whether you are a midwife, teacher, community safety officer, local volunteer, commissioner or council member – the EIF needs you!

From Glasgow to Gloucestershire, we are building a national network of people who are passionate about early intervention. People who understand the real difference it makes to individual lives, local communities and broader society. The Champions network gives an essential local voice to our advocacy work with national and local leaders. As an Early Intervention Champion, you will have many opportunities to learn from each other and celebrate individual successes.​

Early Intervention Champions Week

In the run up to the 2015 General Election, we asked our Champions network what they wanted to see from the new Goverment. This is a crucial time for early intervention and the EIF are calling on the Government to take action. With nearly £17 billion per year being spent on late intervention, we think it’s about time early intervention becomes a political priority. Champions gave us their thoughts on the ground. Find out here what our call to Government entails.



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Please complete and return this form to Champions@eif.org.uk

We ask that you find someone to endorse your pledge to become a Champion, for example your manager.

Click here to read more about what being a Champion involves and what you can expect from us.

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Meet The Champions

At the first Champions meeting in March, a few of our Early Intervention Champions told us a bit more about their work and why early intervention matters to them.

Ayo’s Story

Ayo Ashunremi, Founder & Director, Inspiration Youth Call

“We are helping young people reconstruct their foundations, believe in themselves and give them a voice”

Watch Ayo tell us his journey to setting up youth mentor service, Inspiration Youth Call  

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