Domestic Violence and Abuse


Spending on Late Intervention

EIF’s economic work estimates the annual cost of late intervention across a range of services and agencies.

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Muddy Waters: Evidence and the Domestic Violence Sector

Following on from our November roundtable event, NPC's Anne Kazimirski shares her thoughts on the domestic violence sector and evaluation.

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The damaging impact that witnessing or experiencing domestic violence and abuse can have on children can cast a long shadow over their adult lives. The cyclical nature of the problem can mean that the fear, pain and suffering it causes are transmitted from generation to generation.

Domestic violence and abuse is not an issue confined to a small section of the population – it is highly prevalent. A recent study highlighted that 30% of women report have experienced domestic abuse at least once since the age of 16, and our own research revealed that 25% of young people witness domestic violence and abuse before they are 18.

Domestic violence and abuse not only comes with an immense societal cost but a significant economic one. It is estimated that the annual fiscal cost of domestic violence and abuse stands at over £5.7bn.

Early intervention is crucial for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse and the protection of vulnerable children, young people and families from its long-term effects.


The Police Role in Early Intervention

EIF is working with future police leaders through our Early Intervention Academy.

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