The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) is a charity and one of the Government’s ‘What Works Centres’. We are the go-to organisation for evidence and advice on early intervention for tackling the root causes of social problems for children and young people.

We evaluate the evidence of what works and what does not work in the area of early intervention, for both programmes and innovative local practice.

Using our own Standards of Evidence, we consult with our Evidence Panel of academic experts to ensure the independent assessment of all available evidence. And because evidence alone is not enough to drive forward the changes we want to see, we work to ensure it is shared widely and used in an impactful way. From each one of our reports, we draw out key lessons for commissioners, practitioners and policy makers to facilitate their work of investing in and implementing early intervention on the ground, hosting learning events and producing practical guides and tools.

Finally, our interactive Guidebook is a source of detailed information on the evidence behind an initial 50 early intervention programmes implemented in the UK. As our work continues, the Guidebook will continue to expand and develop.

Our Mission

The Early Intervention Foundation’s vision is for every baby, child and young person to realise their potential and have a strong bedrock on which to build happy and successful lives.

logo_squareOur mission is to improve children and young people’s life chances and strengthen their resilience and capabilities as early as possible. There is a much greater impact of intervening before problems become more difficult to reverse.

logo_squareWe can tackle the inter-generational cycle of disadvantageand support the next generation to raise strong families of their own by intervening early from conception to young adulthood, creating a positive cycle of relationships and behaviour.

logo_squareBy shifting investment to effective early intervention, we aim to not only support children and their families, but also create a positive impact on wider society and benefit the economy as a whole.

Our Roles


Our team of evidence analysts assess and develop the evidence of what works, to determine the best early interventions available and their relative value for money. As a What Works centre, we are seeking to encourage evidence-based policy making and commissioning.

Read more about the case for early intervention and visit our library of programmes.


Our team of implementation advisers use our analysis of the evidence and develop tools to advise local authorities and workforces on how to implement early intervention effectively in order to make the most impact for children and families across the country.


We also advocate for investment in early intervention to key policy makers locally and nationally. We are seeking to catalyse a culture change to pre-emptive tackling of social problems and more effective ways of funding and delivering early intervention.

Read more about our call to the government.

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